Easy Like Sunday Mornin’

Cliche?! Quite possibly, but that’s what I do!  Im even riding the coattails of a fellow Aardvarkian writing this post! I come out swinging and don’t look back babes!

Its been a bit since I’ve dove into the Aardvark, but James had a great explanation about how we are transforming, maturing, finding our voice. I think it is important that we are going to become a more serious and diversified blog, but I also know that our voices are the strongest part of the Aardvark, and I want to be sure that I remain that happy go lucky Uncle Doogs writing about whatever comes to mind, within reason of course, but still hold true to our new identity. I am really excited what is to come with One Aardvark!

That being said, I gotta shout something from the top of a mountain. I fucking LOVE SUNDAYS!!! The all encompassing quiet, peacefulness of it all, just intoxicates me with the desire of pouring a bloody mary and kicking back relaxing to some Dave Matthews Band getting my groove on. Followed by detailing the ol’ GTI, and resuming the relaxing with some Phish cranked and maybe another bloody mary… or four.

I miss having football on for getting me through these colder winter months, but if anyone has been outside the last, oh I don’t know, week would know that its like May out here in New England right now. I’m tellin’ ya there’s another storm coming, and its gonna be a bitch, but I digress.

I have always said Sunday’s are my day to relax, recharge, and do things that are going to make me happy. I typically stay away from my phone and don’t make plans as I saunter around the condo looking out at the ocean debating if I want to go to the gym, or just truly decompress for the day and simply enjoy washing my car, and then going for a spin somewhere along the beautiful seacoast of the North Shore.

It is universally accepted to be lazy on Sunday’s too, even in the military. I remember in boot camp, which you can read up about here, we had Divine Hours on Sunday’s to write letters home, maintain our uniforms, and get some peace and quiet from those damn CC’s. Once I was out in the fleet, Sunday’s were “Holiday Routine” where we would do as little work as possible so everyone could have a moment to catch their breath and feel like they weren’t getting absolutely demolished by the job for once.

When I was at the firehouse on a Sunday I went to my captain and asked him what he needed to do. He put his feet up on his desk and said, “Kid I need you to relax, its Sunday. Holiday routine pal.” I walked away smiling saying, “God I love Sunday’s.” The brass is away and we can just be guys, waiting for the next run.

Sure, Sunday evenings can get stressful with that whole Sunday Scary Syndrome, but I say harden the fuck up people and enjoy those Sundays! Easy for me to say when I have five days off in a row, but that’s the life of being a jake babes. Just killing it!

So I say as much as Saturdays Are For the Boys, (heyyyy Barstool!!) Sundays are for the Doogs.

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