Cabin Mornings

While on terminal leave, I told myself I was going to go to my Aunt Val’s log cabin in New Hampshire as often as I could. So far I’ve been here twice within two weeks, pretty damn good considering it usually takes me eight months and her visiting to get back up here. Each time I’ve come up here since she has built the place, I’ve come to fall in love with it more and more. Its been this beautiful love affair, years in the making.

It’s seclusion is sexy to me. You can choose to be 100% off grid, or hook into the wi-fi and have some connectivity with the world if you’d like. The past few posts I’ve written have been here up at the cabin, so I’ve elected to stay some what connected. The ability to be completely off grid is a character trait I don’t possess unless I’m hiking or I am some nautical miles off shore.

James jokes saying that I am the worst person to be left by themselves. I know he isn’t joking, but he says it light-heartedly enough that it feels like a joke. I actually agree with him. I tend to not do so well alone even though I tell many people how I love my alone time. Here it is different. I truly do love the loneliness. I can crank tunes, dance around without a care in the world, grill up ridiculously delicious meals all for myself! It is truly wonderful.

The thing about being alone here at the cabin, especially in fall/winter, is that it feels encouraged, by the cabin, to simply do nothing. The cabin casts this sort of spell over you that lifts the weights that you carry off your shoulders, and forces you take a deep breath and think, “It’s beautiful here.” I am left alone with my thoughts, to talk out loud and vent to whomever above may be listening, and it is incredibly therapeutic. There is so much space here, it really allows you to feel like you’re in your own little world. Free from the dogma of society, free from the pressures of life, simply free.

The mornings here are my absolute favorite. I think the time-lapse below does a fantastic job of capturing the beauty up here. The weather changes every five minutes it seems, and I love that.

Mornings at the cabin #NH #cabinlife

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I sat out on the porch with a freshly brewed cup of coffee and listened to the traffic pass by, the wind, and soaked in the silence. There were moments where there was literally not a sound to be heard. It was so beautiful. It is small and quick experiences like that, that make me really stop for a moment and realize that we live in such a beautiful place in New England. To have this a couple of hours “up the road” from Winthrop, is just awesome to me. It isn’t a flight away to Colorado, it isn’t an eight-hour car ride into the deep sticks of Maine. Its right there. So accessible. Something that soothes your heart in an instant.

I snapchat my adventures up here to show all my friends, what I don’t know, but to show them the cabin I guess? Either way, I usually get a couple of texts wondering who’s cabin it is, and its usually followed up with “Its perfect.” It really is perfect.

I hope I can get more of my friends up here to experience the mornings, and days in general up here. I hope it can help soothe them and their worries as much as it has helped soothe myself.

It’ll be great to once again fire up the wood pellet stove, and crack open a book, being at the cabin again.

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