The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

“The sun will, in fact, come out tomorrow.” -President Obama.

Those words were uttered on November 9th, regarding the results of the presidential election that this country saw. A truly historic event that has seen social media become a place of violent words and thoughts, and friends beginning to disdain one another.

It is my turn, the most conservative member of the Aardvark, to weigh in on the results of the election. Firstly, I do think that we will maintain our democracy (it really actually is a Federal Republic, not a democracy, but I digress). I also think the American people from the uneducated to the highly educated, wanted to see a change in our government, and boy they are going to get it. My biggest problem with this entire election is the lack of accountability of the Clinton campaign and it’s supporters. For some bizarre reason, no one can seem to say, “We didn’t run a good enough campaign.” Or, “We did a poor job choosing a candidate.”

No one can seem to do it. I think there is a lot to be said about Mr. Trump. He resonated with people that voted blue in 2008 and 2012, he was able to instill a new hope in people that Mr. Obama instilled in people eight years ago. I know a great deal of American’s felt utter disdain towards Mr. Obama, just like we are seeing now with Mr. Trump. People hold that DJT was a reality TV star against him. Well I can remember a president who was an actor. He goes by the name of Ronald Regan. “But Regan was better!” I’m not so sure, the media hated Regan just as much as the media has hated Mr. Trump. And here’s some food for thought, Regan’s campaign also had a slogan similar to Mr. Trump’s. I believe it said something along the lines of, “Let’s Make American Great Again.” But hey a lot of people think that’s just a stupid tag line Trump thought of.

I get it, Trump has said extremely vulgar, hateful things about women and other groups. And you know what, I don’t support those things that he has said. However, that doesn’t mean that this country is all of a sudden going to abandon everything we stand for, such as accepting people regardless of sex, religion, creed, sexual orientation, or sexual identity. We have a leader that doesn’t appeal to a certain group(s) now, and we will always have a leader that doesn’t appeal to every single social group of our country because we are just too large of a salad bowl. So let’s get over our feelings being a little hurt over words that were uttered either last week or 15 years ago. It’s the past, we need to look towards the future now. It is also just shocking how many people are willing to forget that Bill Clinton is a rapist, or that he thought it was ok to put a cigar in an interns vagina, in the Oval Office no less, and say, “Mmm that tastes good.” Equally deplorable as someone saying, “Grab them by the pussy.” Again, I digress.

Gee, that Trump guy is sooooo stupid for that slogan… Oh wait!

My point is very much a similar point to what Patrick’s was, own your mistakes. Whether you’re on the left or right side of the aisle, you need to own your mistakes and stop blaming everyone other than yourself for having failed. The Clinton campaign got extremely arrogant towards the end because the media, pollsters, everyone involved said she had won well before November 8th. People got sick of being eviscerated by Clinton supporters, some who didn’t even vote like Colin Kaepernick to name one, for saying they supported Trump. Some Clinton supporters were ruthless, arrogant, condescending people, that weren’t open to listening, hearing out, what someone had to say about their thoughts towards voting for Trump. It is even more difficult when you are in a state like Massachusetts with it being so heavily blue.

Change isn’t always a bad thing, and the American people voiced that on the 8th of November. Change towards taxes for example may not be the worst plan Trump has. Some economist think that his tax plans are going to add to the deficit, but look at how Mr. Obama’s administration has added to the deficit. We are nearly 20 trillion dollars in debt, why not try something different to try to stimulate the economy in different ways? I am willing to bet that Mr. Trump is going to surround himself with smart people. He is not going to lead in this tyrannical sense that so many people think he is going to. Mrs. Clinton is no saint behind closed doors either so for Christ sake, everyone needs to take a deep breath and realize that the sun will continue to rise, and realize sometimes you need an outsider’s perspective to fix things.

It’s funny how many people paint Trump as a fraud. I would like to think Hillary and Bill are just as big of frauds, with how they donate to themselves to the Clinton Foundation for massive tax deductions. Or charging 400,000 dollars for them to make an appearance somewhere and make a 10 minute speech. Am I un-American, which is what Hillary called Donald, because I don’t want to pay taxes? I am in the military for crying out lout (not much longer but hey you get the point) and I want to pay as little in taxes as possible. Let’s be realistic here, no one wants to pay more taxes than they have to, and if someone took advantage of the tax laws, good on them for doing research and understanding law to get around it. I have no problem with someone legally avoiding taxes. The benefits are there for legal reasons, and people getting all butt hurt over how someone took the time to figure out legal means to avoid taxes need to really just stop.

There are other things that DJT wants to do, according to NPR, within his first 100 days that I don’t agree with either, but that’s neither here nor there for now at least.

Take ownership of your party giving the nod to one of the most polarizing candidates they could have chosen. Take ownership of how arrogant your candidate became towards the end. Take ownership America. Realize that we did this, not some hillbilly in Alabama, or some rich oil tycoon. We the people did this. We chose to nominate someone who has never held office, and you know what, I think we are going be just ok. I really do.

And that is coming from someone who didn’t vote for Trump.

Clinton was a horrific choice for the Dems, because like what they Clinton’s do, they felt like the were entitled to walk into the Oval Office, yet again. One thing I will say, looking at other nations and how they’ve elected women to office, we are very far behind; however, that doesn’t mean Clinton was the right woman to become president.

At this point now we collectively need to accept that DJT is going to be our next president. We also need to stop focusing so much on who he was 15 years ago, and start worrying about who is he going to be in 15 months. Lets all hope that he has changed like he said at the third and finale debate, and hope he can, as President Obama said, take the baton and lead the Nation.

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