The Joys of Being a Regular

Ahhhh the mornings. I love them! Nothing like getting up nice and early, grabbing the Wall Street Journal that’s if papa Jeff hasn’t taken it to work, and sitting down with a nice cup of joe. And I’ll tell ya what, I ain’t making that cup of joe. I’m going to my neighborhood Dunkin’ Donuts, Yeti in hand, for a nice cup of hot coffee, with the seasonal salted caramel flavoring in it. Best part is, I don’t even have to place my order when I walk in, the staff just knows.

Contrary to fellow Aardvarkian, Pat, I will walk to kingdom come for a nice cup of hot coffee, because unlike him, I do need it to function. His latest featured post dives more into this, check it out here.

I not only have achieved regular status at Dunkin’s but I also am a regular at a bar back home in Newburyport. The Port Tavern has been one of my favorite establishments for years now, and Justin, the bartender there not only recognizes my face, I always get a friendly “Whats up Doug?!” whenever I walk in. Its amazing. There will be a massive line, and he’ll be mid pour of someone elses beer, but without fail he’ll say, “What can I get ya dude?” I get head of line privileges babes, and that’s why being a regular is so worth it.

But there is more to than simply getting my cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts or getting a nice cold one from J-Money. For me its all about being a repeat customer, same time, same place; you have to show consistency. And that is something I take monumental pride in. Being a regular shows more than you drink a lot of coffee or booze. It shows loyalty. I’m all about establishing relationships wherever I go. Just ask James, he hates it! I have this need to always talk to people where ever I go, and that pays off in the end. I don’t have to wait for a beer when I go to The Port Tavern, and I simply have to say good morning when I go and get my coffee.

There is this feeling that makes you feel welcomed and that you belong when you’re a regular. You almost feel like these people look forward to seeing you, as much as you look forward to seeing them. It is fun to be apart of a select group that can say that they’re a regular somewhere too. Sure that sounds somewhat elitist, but that’s what regulars are. We’re territorial sons of bitches. Don’t be casing my turf homie! I’ve spent far too much money here for you to be some douche nozzle walking into my favorite watering hole, and messing up the vibe I got going on here babes!

The other night when Dan and I went to go see Glass Animals, which was an amazing concert mind you, we went to Jerry Remy’s bar in the Seaport. The bartender there instantly loved us. He was an Irish fellow who loved our charisma and how into the Ryder Cup we were. He kept coming back and checking in on us, making sure our beers were topped off and bellies full. After we ripped back a tequlia shot, we closed our tabs and got up. The best part of the entire night, was when this bartender reached over the bar to gives us each a handshake. The universal sign of, “I liked you boys, come back again soon.” Ol’ Dan-o and I are on our way to becoming regulars at Jerry Remy’s in the seaport now too!

Until then though, I’ll continue to walk to get my coffee, and happily give Justin a heavy tip for some great service.

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  1. Bonsai says:

    In Japanese they say jyorenkyaku. I use this word in my memoir as I become the regular at a Japanese karaoke bar in the Detroit suburbs. At pubs if you are a regular their are special “homemade dishes” that the cook will pass you on a small plate for free.


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