How Free Are We?

Hey all, back at it! Taking a small break from my mini series to break away and come at you with a new thought. How free are we? I am going to base this post strictly off of Uncle Doogs’ intuition and have about zero facts in it.

So James and I were texting the other day and he sent me a link from Esquire about some article regarding The Wall that Trump-daddy wants to build. Build the fucker I say, but that’s besides the point. One guys remarks really stood out to me, which was something along the lines of, “Don’t build it because I don’t need the government telling me where to go or when I can go somewhere.” That made me think for a minute. I mean he’s got a point. We claim to be free but are we really?

I can’t go driving the GTI shirtless without my seatbelt on because the government says, “Hey Uncle Doogs, buckle up to stay alive.” Seems like a smart idea but why is it law that I have to buckle up? Why can’t it just be a recommendation? Sometimes having no shirt on, no shoes, no underwear, and no seatbelt on is the way to go! I did it all weekend long on Martha’s Vinyeard a couple months ago because the car I was driving was so old it didn’t bing and bong when the driver didn’t belt up. And I’ll tell ya, there was something liberating about it! You don’t go faster than 40 MPH on MV so fuck it, go unbelted! New Hampshire is on to something being the last state to hold out and not have a seatbelt law for passengers in the front seats over 18 years old (thats a fact).

I mean we place so many restrictions on our ways of life, why the hell do we say we are as free as the next guy. I’m not saying let’s all go rape and pillage by any means, but the government seems to be in my house, my bedroom, or my car way more than I want it to be.

You know why every fucking car ships with a rear back up camera now? The Obama Administration, that’s why. You know what that does? Raises the price of cars because now your little shit box Corolla has to have a rear back up camera, which means there has to be a screen installed, which in turn, requires a different center console, nicer electronics, and more cables, and man hours for building a car that is supposed to be economical. Can’t stand it. Maybe, just maybe, we shouldn’t be such assholes when we drive! Or I got an idea, learn how to drive and know how to back cars up! We were able to do it for like 90 years before hand, what’s gone wrong??

And then speed limits. Where the hell did those come from? Get those outta here! Really all I have to say about that. But I mean truth be told, traffic seems to always find a speed that is safe for the conditions that are present. Enter the fundamental speed law.

Taxes. That damn word. How is that the Federal Government can hold onto money that is rightfully mine, and not give me interest on it when I get it back? My money that I worked hard for is worth more now, today, than it is tomorrow, due to inflation. So, hell, when the government wants to hold onto some of my pennies to pay for Barry O’s adventure to Martha’s Vineyard, I want my money to come with some interest. Only the sleazy government that is America could get away with it.

And then there’s the boarders. I mean I am a citizen of this country, why am I grilled by the CBP or ICE for when I want to cross the border. Hell, I’m paying your salary at least be professional and courteous to me. I get paid by Uncle Sam too home boy, so lighten up, put a smile on, and stop asking me about my citizenship.

But I will close with this, I will DIE for this nation and what we fundamentally stand for. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom in the modern era. We should demand a bit more freedoms from our government because the vice is closing in. This is an ever changing world with horrific things happening everyday, and with the government wanting to keep us safe, we are unknowingly giving up some freedoms.

Hey there NSA, hope you like my texts to James!

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