My Love Affair with Sunsets

“I dont get it, I just don’t get it!” exclamed a confused fellow coastie (who will remain namelss). “Bub I just don’t get why you loves sunsets so much.” The debate continues on our 29 foot Response Boat Small – II (RBS-II). I think he is maybe too small minded to enjoy sunsets, but really that is not the case. However, that is what I’ll keep saying to him over and over again. “You just don’t get it do you bub. You’re too small minded to enjoy the raw beauty before you’re eyes.”

We joke and the banter continues. This was about a year ago now, and we still joke to this day about my love affair of sunsets, and my equal love for sunrises. There is something, to me, that captivates me and sometimes will even bring me to tears.

Uncle Doogs + Sunset + Oak Bluffs = Sex. Personified.

I was at work over the weekend, getting my dick kicked in by some snotty chop, crusing out of Lewis Bay, and the sunset almost brought me to tears. I stopped the boat and made everyone watch that beautiful yellow and orange ball set behind the Cape Cod horizion. It was beautiful.

For me that sunset meant way more than the end of daylight and the beginning of nighttime. I told myself I was going to let go of all thats happened the past year with that setting sun. A huge wave of happiness overcame me as I drove our Response Boat – Medium (RB-M) westward to Little Harbor at a slow bell. My crew was out on deck taking pictures, discussing how there is sometimes a green flash right before the sun’s arch disappears until a new day, and I was at the helm eyes welling up. That sun dipped and the weight of not just one year but years began to lift off my shoulders. I felt infinitely better. I was living, not just existing.

Want to talk about mindfulness? I have your mindfulness right here kid!

And really, what is there to not like about a gorgeous sunset on the water?! If you don’t like sunsets, then you’re just too small minded to appreciate the natural beauty! Uncle Doogs out!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Terry Lewis says:

    It’s just something about the raw beauty of nature….


    1. Uncle Doogs says:


      I couldn’t agree more. It is amazing to me how it happens every single day, but with each rise and set, it can be so drastically different than the morning or night before. It just can’t be replicated and really strikes you to your core.

      Thank you for reading and your comment!


      Liked by 1 person

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