My Vote against DJT

Well folks, there was a point in time where I would proudly say I was going to vote for Donald J. Trump. I remember James’ dad pulling me aside one day saying, “You aren’t serious are you?” To which I replied, “No.” That was about six months ago, when I wasn’t serious about voting for Trump. I was actually planning on voting of John Kasich, but those plans had to kind of change… Anyways!

Trump had the GOP nomination locked up for all of what a few hours, maybe a day, before he did the unimaginable. He picked a fight with a Gold Star Family. Let me tell ya, this really chaps my ass because as James said in his earlier post, that I once yelled, proudly no less, “Are you active duty bro?!” at a civilian. Proudest moment of my life probably. That little shit thought it would be ok to mock me when I was talking about what it takes to serve this nation, which mind you, he had never done nor will he ever do.

So that brings me back to my point about DJT. I actually liked him. Yea yea, so supposedly he is racist, and he supposedly hates women, which I do not think either is true. I think he would have been an ok one term president. I do not think he would have been a good or great president, but definitely better than Hillary Clinton, sorry Baga. He had, to me, the zeal to be the command-in-chief, until he had to pick a fucking fight with a family that lost their son to the enemy. Now that really pisses me off.

The thing is, which the media is playing off of, it does not matter that the family was Muslim. It doesn’t. Doesn’t matter for one iota of a second. What matter is, their son, Captain Humayun Kahn died for this great nation. The nation that Trump claims so boldly he wants to make great again. Well for me, Hillary looks like a much better candidate because she is willing to thank that family and Captain Kahn, for the sacrifice that was made.

Captain Kahn told his men to stay back while, he alone, went to clear a suspicious looking vehicle before he was killed by the car bomb in side of it. That right there, is true leadership. He kept his company alive because he was willing to go do “the long walk” alone, and probably knew what was going to happen. Many more families could had been Gold Star Families, but because of the selfless actions of Captain Kahn, there was only one Gold Star Family that day, and it happened to be one that does not agree with Trump’s attacks and slander towards Muslims. Rightfully so. I mean I am a white male, which is what DJT is. I have nothing to lose, only to gain with him being president. But I digress.

Trump’s inability to reason with this family has really opened my eyes to the fact that he doesn’t care about the military like I thought he did.The GOP’s leadership, this is going to sound crazy, should agree with what POTUS had to say and drop all support for DJT. Trump really doesn’t care about anyone at all. I will say, I loved the wall idea, I loved the stricter screening of all foreign nationalists trying to gain entry to this country, I loved it! But the whole attacking, fighting and being a child regarding this Gold Star Family is downright disgusting.

Mr. Kahn really made a wonderful point. What has Donald Trump really done for America? It seems like now that he has not even paid his taxes properly since he will not release any information regarding them. Still compared to what Hilary has done with secret and top secret information exchanged via private email servers is nothing. I digress. Point being, they are both incredible crooked, lying, stealing, sons of bitches. Neither one of them will be getting my vote.

I got duped by the guy. I believed in him, defended him and was willing enough to cast my vote for him, but now I certainly will not be. I really can not imagine Hilary being in office, but that is a thought I should probably get use to. It is so incredibly unfortunately because neither one of them is a good leader or good person. Neither one of them is Presidential. Neither one of them stands for the American people.

That being said, I guess I will just have to write in Frank Underwood.

Hey hey Frankie!!!!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    This post is so refreshing–I’m tired of the “he’s racist! He’s sexist!” arguments about Trump. For one, they reek of media bs. When it comes to him, there are bigger issues. I was also reluctantly behind him up until recently. The shame is that he’s doing exactly what he claims to be against–playing politics instead of just doing what’s right for the people.


    1. Uncle Doogs says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post and see the deeper meaning of what it means to support a candidate or not. Ignorant assumptions made by many was one of the reasons why I was attracted towards Trump, but unfortunately because of his most recent, and equally ignorant remarks, I cannot see myself voting for him anymore. I think this election season is just beginning to heat up. It will most certainly be interesting to see what’s to come for November. Thanks for reading!
      Uncle Doogs


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