A Special Evening with Coldplay

Finally! An Uncle Doogs music review. And not just any music review, but a review of an absolutely spectacular evening with a phenomenal British group that you may all know. Coldplay! Uncle Doogs is coming out hot with the adjectives already, cue up Google for synonyms!

Last night, Saturday July 30th, I accompanied my father and brother to the building of champions, Gillette Stadium. My initial thought was, “I am in Tom Brady’s office, soak this in.” It is what I always think whenever I go to Gillette. The greatest coach and the greatest quarterback to every coach and play the game both work here. Together. Anyways! We were in the Putnam club, which is by the far the best experience for a concert or football game or whatever Gillette may be hosting. Highly, highly recommended.

I was skeptical at first because I was handed this white wristband that was going to light automatically once the show began. I was disgruntled at the thought of being used as part of the show. The musician snob in me came out. I was there to listen to music, not be made a spectacle of (even though I am a dime piece!). My brother on the other hand, thought it was a wonderful idea, and man was he right!

Coldplay did kind of this Pink Floyd opening deal with some really far out music before all of Gillette when black, and then boom! Seventy thousand people’s wrist lit up red, while the lasers and neon lights illuminated the stage, in beautiful synchronicity. And then Coldplay came out.

They slammed you in the face right away with the crowd light show, pyrotechnics, unreal light show on stage, and pure energy with their performance. The way they opened was the way most bands close, so you knew that this performance was going to be a special one. I would say I have been to about twenty five concerts (with fifteen of those being Dave Matthew Band concerts), and this concert topped them all. It beat out seeing Sir Paul McCartney at Fenway! These guys brought it. They really did. They took you on an outstanding musical ride through their discography of new and old music, pulling at your emotions making you want to cry with songs like “Fix You” and then slamming you in the face with deep heavy fun party like beats with their newer songs such as “Every Tear Drop is a Waterfall.”

There were a couple times Ben and I looked at each other and said, “This doesn’t sound like a Coldplay song” referring to works like, “Hymn for the Weekend” but I won’t lie, I enjoyed it! The crowd sourced light show made the song work!

And that is what I was to say next. That crowd light show deal. What a way to make someone feel so involved in the creation of the performance. I felt so connected to the band. I felt like Will Champion and I were old drinking buddies who played the drums together way back in the day at an Irish pub. I felt like a part of the band! The scene it created in the stadium was just spectacular. You’d look around, see people dancing, hugging, kissing, crying. It was beautiful. We were are lit up with smiles on our faces, all of us apart of something so incredibly special. I found myself, saying over and over again. “Wow.” It left me speechless, I was feeling so many things inside my head, my heart, my soul. That performance, the musicianship, the lights, the music, everything just resonated so deeply with me and I am sure it hit all seventy thousand people in a different but equally powerful way.

Music has this incredible power to bring people together. Coldplay is four guys. Four dudes that play instruments that simply caught a break, and now they sell out stadiums for venues. Something I guarantee they never thought was ever going to happen to them. There were straight people, gay people, white, black, transgender, latino, asian, male, female, teenagers, seventy year old… All walks of life, united as one group there to watch four dudes play instruments. For a brief moment in time, all the hatred of the world was forgotten about, politics did not matter, and we were all united, feeling nothing but love from those guys.

And it was “Magic.”

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