I called it!

Yep. Uncle Doogs. The sports wizard himself called it! The ever lovely Red Sox, got absolutely SHELLED last night, and I couldn’t be happier. The last time I talked about the Red Sox in, Dem Sluggin’ Sox, I talked about how their bats are hot and their pitching is cool. Well after watching the game last night, I would say their pitching is ice cold!

Last night I got jacked up watching Ortiz, that pompous son of a bitch, hit a beautiful three run homer (16th of the season), to put the Sox on top 5-4. Oh happy day baby!! But our number two guy, Rick Porcello, managed to just blow it. The sixth inning came along and Porcello gave up his third home run of the night to Baltimore, allowing them to tie up the game. “Awwww fuck” said Uncle Doogs. “Well at least we’ll go to the bullpen.” Yeaaaa that didn’t help. The bullpen gave up four more home runs to the Orioles.

And this was my main point in my last article. We will not, and can not, win a championship if we do not have pitching. The Red Sox have been bleeding like a sieve with their bank account, acquiring just junk player, heyyyy panda!, and not acquiring pitching. We have some real hot hitters. I mean real hot. They are making baseball exciting to watch the way they take advantage of other pitchers. But man oh man oh, we got bamboozled last night! The worst part was, it was our own pitching staff that bamboozled us!

I would love to see us spend money on pitching and not worry about getting some new batters. But wait. We have. An ungodly amount of 30 million dollars to the assclown David Price! C’mon Sox!! Lets spend that money on way better pitching.

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