Barber Shops.

Yep. Barber shops. Uncle Doogs at it again. Been away for a few days saving the country and what not, and now I am back talking about my love affair with barber shops.


They are single handedly the best place to go if you’re a man. Not that salon bull shit. Ain’t no one cutting my hair other than a Massachusetts Licensed Master Barber. Gimme that straight razor! Gimme that guy that smokes two packs a day! Gimme all the man talk that happens inside a barber shop. Guys bitching about their wives, guys bitching about their divorce, give me all of it.

I absolutely love the environment inside a barber shop. Its just pure masculinity everywhere you look. Even the women that are master barbers are more manly than I am. They know more about a 1960 Chevy SS and its 460 Block V8 in it than I do. I literally just made all that up, so I hope I am right…

Unfortunately, these sacred places are beginning to die out. Mostly because there is no money in it. Rent prices continue to go up, but a men’s hair cut simply doesn’t cost that much to do. I pay ten dollars for a zero on the sides and one on top. I went to Newburyport and got the exact same hair cut and had to pay 21 dollars! Talk about paying an arm and a leg for a haircut. I’ll tell ya, there ain’t much to cut off of my head, and to charge 21 dollars is a sin, but I can’t blame the place. They’re trying to stay in business and line their pockets with some cash.

It’s sad to see these places starting to fade away. I go to my guy Tommy in Winthrop. Poor guy hobbles around, and looks more uncomfortable than a pregnant lady with triplets. But you know what? He is always there. Every day damn, trying to make a buck. And I love him for that. Can’t believe he only charges me 10 bucks too. I never feel like I am tipping enough, because this guy probably doesn’t have much saved up for retirement if he’s handing out haircuts at 10 dollars a pop. He’s got it right. He’s old school, but unfortunately, when he goes so will his business. It is a sad reality really.

Anywho, I’m out the door to go see my guy Tommy and get myself a great haircut at the right price, and talk about man stuff. Maybe that’ll put some hair on my chest. Uncle Doogs. Out.

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  1. Beemerbabe2 says:

    This blog was the most boring piece of shit I have ever read.

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