McRaven for President

It is now my turn to take a point of view on this whole political mess we call the elections. My fellow aardvarks have both taken to the web expressing their thoughts on the election; (see here for James’ take; and see here for Baga’s) however, neither have endorsed a candidate. Well, I plan to do just that, but you won’t be seeing his name on the ballot this year. Which is a massive problem.

Admiral William H. McRaven, Retired

Retired Admiral William H. McRaven is just the man for the job that is to be President of the United State, also known as, POTUS. It is a job, and this is just speculation, that requires incredible leadership, level headedness, and charisma to woo foreign leaders. It requires insane amounts of discipline, and the ability to run off of little or no sleep. It requires someone, in my opinion, that has served this nation. McRaven has done just that and so much more.

Not enough people know about my man McRaven. A retired four star Admiral, McRaven was a career Navy SEAL. Remember that asshole Bin Ladin? Well you can thank McRaven that he is dead. Although he did not pull the trigger that killed the fucker, McRaven was the mastermind of the operation. He had full oversight of the training of the SEAL teams that went in, and had a direct line to POTUS to say, “We go now.” In which we all know that Obama said, “Roger that.”

Me being a military member I know the gravity behind seeing four stars on someone’s shoulder. A civilian just knows, “high ranking military guy… Cool.” Let me put it this way. It is like becoming a professional athlete. Truly only the absolute best get chosen to be a flag officer, and to be a career Navy SEAL like McRaven was, you’re a God damn all star.

McRaven popped up on my radar when I was at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in May of 2014. I was there for boarding officer school with the USCG when I heard about this admiral making a speech at the University of Texas. That commencement address changed my life, and I am sure it changed the lives of the students he spoke to.

Hook’em babes!

He was a speaker that every single one of those students will most
likely always remember. It is flirting with hitting 4 million views on YouTube, which is impressive for a twenty minute long speech. I am telling you, you need to watch this; it is amazing. So after watching that I really began thinking, “This country needs a retired general or admiral to run for president.” Which to me makes perfect sense.

When you are the president you also wear that title of Commander in Chief. Literally no one on this earth out ranks you. You are the pinnacle of this Nation’s military leadership. You are the be all and end all of all military operations and decisions. Only Mr. Obama could have said to McRaven, “You are a go.” That phrase gives me goose bumps. What incredible power. It is that very power that can not and absolutely should not be relinquished to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Clinton has done absolutely nothing in my eyes for this country and would be an awful leader of the military. Hell she’d probably disband it. I know for a fact from my military service, that he is a terrible person to the Secret Service agents that protect her every single day. If she’s awful to them, she’ll probably be a million times worse to the women and men in uniform. And the Donald? Guy is holding a grudge about a joke over 25 years ago. He’ll be picking up the Red Phone to missile launch facilities every hour on the hour when someone tweets something bad about him. Point being is, they are both now and will be awful leaders for this nation. And not just with the military.

As for McRaven. His 36 years of service to his nation shows a proven track record of what it means to give selflessly to a greater cause. I don’t think anyone other than the SEAL’s themselves know how hard BUD/S (Basic Underway Demolition/SEAL school) really is. Instructors there practically have a license to murder these recruits to get rid of, as McRaven himself puts, “The weak of mind and body and eliminate them from ever becoming a Navy SEAL… To me SEAL training was a lifetime of challenges crammed into six months.” Now doesn’t this guy sound more presidential than any candidate we have had in the last 20 or 30 years? I sure think he does. His commence address was about ten simple things you can do to change the world. He drew every example from SEAL training and makes it incredibly relatable to civilian life. He is a naturally born leader, and someone who commands a room with his boom voice, and handsome looks.

I get that being the president requires more than just being handsome or being a great public speaker, but hey one might argue that is half the battle to becoming president. I also am guessing most of you to be thinking, “Military guys are just ass holes who wanna fuck shit up and blow the world up.” Not so fast there skippy. McRaven, who has been on hundreds if not thousands of deployments, on special missions around the world was also the Commanding Officer of the Special Operations Command or SOCOM.This is a unified command of the Navy, Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force to execute any mission that this nation may need to be accomplished. This unit standardized how they all operated. If Delta Force needs back up, the SEALs could roll in, and they would all be on the same page with how they were going to complete the mission because of how much they all train together at SOCOM. Let me say it again, McRaven command that unit. Point being, he didn’t go out and blow the world up. He used his uncanny wit and training to successfully lead that command and accomplish hundreds of missions.

Remember Captain Phillips? Yup, McRaven headed up that operation too. The guy’s resume is just unrelenting. He also command JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command), Special Operations Command Europe, Naval Special Warfare Group 1, and SEAL Team 3. He has three Defense Distinguished Service Medals, which to you the civilian needs to know, is unheard of. It is the Nation’s sixth highest award that can be given to a member of the military. McRaven to me, is exactly the kind of leader this nation needs so desperately right now.

True sacrfice

McRaven’s leadership is something I have always adored since watching his address at Texas. I re-watch it once a month for motivation and a reminder of what it is I need to be doing as a leader in the military. I also have sought out other audio clips of him to learn more about how this man thinks, acts, and feels. A great podcast, The Academy of Achievement, had an episode on McRaven. You can just tell how the guy genuinely takes the time to listen and speak to people, to truly change their lives, and he does it all for the right reasons. He is selfless. Truly selfless. And that is what makes someone an amazing candidate for president. Not a criminal, not a hot headed assclown. It take someone who knows what it means to sacrifice, serve, and be selfless to be a true leader of the worlds most feared nation. At least one point in time we were. Maybe with McRaven at the helm we could get the respect that Old Glory does not ask for, but demands.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Matt Williams says:

    Your correct, “not enough people know about my man McRaven.” How do we change that? This man needs to be president in 2020. How do we expose more folks? I have been tweeting, fwding and telling people to watch his commencement videos among others. POTUS McRaven needs to happen in 2020.


    1. Uncle Doogs says:


      Let’s get started on campaigning here! McRaven is a true leader, and someone who deeply cares about his nation. I would love to see him get involved in the political sphere more and try to make moves for a 2020 ticket. Keep spreading the good word about McRaven! I appreciate the read and comment.


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