Dem Sluggin’ Sox

I’m all in babes! ALL IN! These Red Sox are just crushing the MLB right now, and I couldn’t be more of a fanboy. I am always hesitant about Boston sports, because I have been spoiled growing up. Two World Series wins by the Red Sox; a dynasty from TB12, Coach and  company; a Celtics championship in ’08; and the Bru-crew making multiple playoff and Cup appearances with a win in ’11. What more could you ask for as a kid growing up? The Revolution to win the MLS championship thing?

Since no one really cares about soccer except for my companion Baga, Tony Mazz did say it best last night on the Baseball Reporters on 98.5 The Sports Hub. “Keep it in your pants.” But to me, whip it out babes!! These Sox are straight fire. I am loving every game. They are playing great baseball. Beautiful defensive plays, and slugging that is totalling 40 runs in the last three games. Yes. Fourty runs in the last three games! Just crushin’ the ball!

Now the last two games I have been to, the douche bag that is Big Papi (yup I said it!) went 0-4. Yea. That happened. But my god, he has been sensational this season. He is on pace to hit over 40 home runs this year. No player 40 or over has ever hit over 30 home runs never mind 40! Gimme one more year you douche. How does 15 million for one year sound? Draft it up and sign it. Look Ortiz is great. He’s the cornerstone of this franchise in the modern era of baseball. I’ve throughly enjoyed watching him growing up, but the complaining at the umpires, the “I’m bigger than the rules” attitude just pisses me off. I get it bro, you’re one of the best sluggers in the history of the MLB but cool it with the ego. I guess when you’re that good though, you have the right to be a cocky prick.

Back to the Sox. The only problem with all of their success is, the AL sucks. I mean it does. The Yankees are 13-19, you have Detroit, who has had lights out pitching the last few seasons at 15-18, and the Astro’s who had a run at the playoffs (after just sucking beyond sucking itself hello 100 loss season) last year at 14-21 (looks like they wanna lose 100 games again). Not only that, the Sox haven’t really played anyone good. But! My point is, they haven’t done the usual Red Sox thing to do, which his flat-out suck no matter what. Just shitting your pants bad baseball. At least not yet.

The pitching staff is 100% the Achilles heel. David Price? JUNK! Clay Bucholz? Can’t wait for him to be on the DL. Our ace right now is Steven Wright, the knuckleballer. His ERA is 1.52! Sub 2! Three wins and three losses, this guy has been fire. The last game he pitched

Ass clown David Price

against the New York Yankees was a three hitter, with him hurling 101 pitches for a full game. Lights out babes. But wait a minute Uncle Doogs, didn’t you say the Yankees suck? I sure did babes. But the performance you saw from Wright was what could be his best game of his career. Sensational performance.


Tony Mazz maybe right with saying keep it in your pants because when this team goes up against good pitching these 13 run games will come to a close. When they face good batting, this win record is going to turn into a losing record. Typical Red Sox baseball. They always, always find a way to screw everything up. But right now, I am drinking that sweet koolaid (with some vodka in it) baby. World Series here we come!

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