The Should Factor… And How It Needs to Go

If one more person tells me what I should be thinking or feeling, I am going to lose it. This generation of young adults (the millenniums I think we are labeled?? Who the hell thought of that bull shit??) is really beginning to grind my gears. We all get so instantly offended when we hear someone’s opinion that we don’t agree with. We all seem to think our opinion is the only one that matters, which is going to cause massive, massive problems for us in the future. We are just a bunch of whiney spineless kids.

Its no secret, I, Uncle Doogs, is in the military and I am damn proud of serving this great nation. But at the rate we are going as a society we aren’t going to be great for much longer. Gone are the days of someone being able to say, “I don’t believe homosexuals should be allowed to marry.” And let me really get into it, that was a simple example. My brother is gay. So I am more open than what you the reader probably thinks right now. My point is that people in the media, the work place, friends, family, etc. are telling everyone how people should be thinking. That. Is. INSANITY!

I am my own person. You are your own person. You and I and the guy or lady next you is entitled, thanks to that document called the Constitution, their own rights and beliefs. I always say to my subordinates, “You can do whatever it is you want, but you also have to be ready to suffer the consequences.” And that is exactly how I feel about people’s personal thoughts. Share them! Say them! But be ready for someone to disagree with you. Which is fine! I encourage disagreements. What is not ok is that now people are going to tell you how you should be thinking because its 2016 and how sexist, racist, homophobic, or whatever ist/ic you are now for you own thoughts. Problem.

My point being is that I should not have to be told “you should be a feminist.” Well, what if I don’t believe in equal pay for women? Or I don’t believe that gay people should be allowed to wed? I would instantly be labeled as someone that is sexist, or homophobic, when in reality I may not be either of those things, but simply because of my personal beliefs I am now an awful person. Maybe I am super religions so I feel strongly about what marriage is. Hmm, interesting thought there Uncle Doogs… The worst part is, I wouldn’t be able have shared that view point because I am just such a wicked person now.

Again, I am a feminist, and I love gay people. I want equal rights for them all. Hell, give me my own bathroom please! I want to be allowed to come to my own conclusions on my own again. If I don’t have the same view point as you, simply hear me out… PLEASE! You would be incredibly surprised at how much work you can get done with someone that you don’t see eye to eye with if you simply listen to what it is they have to say and you reply with, “Thank you for sharing your opinion. I don’t agree with it, but we need to move forward and come to a resolution.” That guy or gal you just told thank you to is going to think, “Holy shit they listened to me. They actually listened to me.”

What I would love to see this country and all these social justice interest groups do or say is “Hey just listen to what we have to say” and stop biting the heads off of people that don’t agree with them. I probably would get behind more civil rights movements or interest groups if they did not so fiercely and ignorantly force their opinions on me. I actually enjoy when I share my opinion and someone says, “Why?” Boom. Game on babes. Lets have a talk. Whoaaaa. Wait. A talk?? Yea. A talk. I have accomplished so much in the military by listening to someone that brings up an idea, or opinion about something, that I did not agree with. Because we talked things out, we were about to complete a mission, pass an inspection, or whatever it was. We were able to move forwards not backwards.

Which brings me to my next point. The more someone tells me what it is I should be thinking, feeling, or be doing with my personal beliefs, the more I resent them. The more I just want to see their cause implode. I don’t want them to get their way because they ignorantly told me what I should feel or believe in. And that is why this generation is going to have terrifically poor leaders, and politicians that care more about someone’s feelings, than understanding there is a job to get done out there. It is a big problem of today. Hey you should this, or hey you should that. While you have the person being told should, “Oh yea? I should? Ok. Go pound sand buddy, you suck.”

Solution. What I SHOULD be doing is having my own thoughts and feelings, as well as, feeling that I can express those thoughts, feelings, and opinions to generate conversation for a positive, and forward resolution towards a problem. Finger pointing is the number one way to just infuriate someone. So I challenge everyone to try their best to simply listen (I didn’t say people should listen). I am challenging you to listen to people and accept their opinions. You don’t have to agree with it, but accept it and see how much positive change can happen from that.

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